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Electrician In Gainesville GA explains Grounding Upgrade on Meter Base

The electrical grounding in homes are not nearly as effective as grounding on commercial or industrial electrical systems. The grounding performed by most residential electricians was not completely present throughout the electrical circuits. Recently I spent 5 hours troubleshooting a home that was in sales limbo. The property showed open grounds when the Home Inspector plugged in his receptacle tester.
~Another reason to upgrade or improve grounding in your home is the presence of shared neutrals. For years Commercial Electricians shared one neutral for up to three circuits. The grounded circuit, known in laymans terms as, the neutral, carries the unbalanced load in a Alternating Current system. Many residential electricians still perform residential electrical installations utilizing outdated practices
merely impeding the upgrades in the newer equipment produced by the electrical manufacturers today.
~Ultimately, the most important reason for upgrades are the protection of human lives. Catastrophe’s ruin lives, destroy property, and create damage that no longer is acceptable. The advances in electrical science has provided safety upgrades that must be followed. Education of the electricians in the field, the inspector’s, and the home owners will continue to improve our lives as we experience electrical upgrades in the 21st century.