3 Reasons that totally rewiring properties provide security

I have been rewiring properties for over 25 years now. Some of the properties were over 75 years old. The techniques used at the turn of the century did in no way shape or form conform to the practices that Electricians use today. Over time the insulation of the wiring becomes brittle and tends to crumble, breaking away. Eventually, these exposed circuits are a fire hazard and could potentially become fatal. When small children,pets, and even adults come in contact with live wires, unknowingly they are in grave danger. The wire itself lasts’ for many years. Potential renters, homeowners,Electrical contractors, Inspectors, or even employee’s cannot see damage incurred during installation. When the wire is damaged it may take years for the break to actually separate  causing dead short possibilities. I always recommend that my customers replace any parts that may be old, outdated, or installed in a fashion that do not meet the standards of the National Electrical Code.

Over the years ,I can’t tell you how many times I have been under a house, in a attic, or in a crawl space to find animals shocked to death by live circuits.  Electricians  have been electrocuted by live circuits that just looked like out of date wiring. Ultimately, the major source of fires in homes and commercial properties come from faulty electrical wiring and/or devices. Saving money may seem important when the entire remodeling process is in motion. The price of human life,property lost, and down time is tremendously more than the cost suffered during a full scale remodel. The process is well worth the price when the construction process is not compromised.

At the turn of the century, we used insulators on knobs connected by bare wires. This was the path that provided the new invention. In these days there was no such thing as a neutral wire. The process worked much like a car battery and it’s components.  Today, we utilize extra grounding to protect our flat screen televisions and computers. The neutral wire is provided for every 120 volt circuit. In the last 30 years, Electricians used shared neutrals for multiple circuits. When this is not upgraded during the remodel process, the chance over destruction by fire is greatly increased. Today most county inspector’s require a new house to have 2 ground rods for every service. This practice helps to reduce brown outs,surges from the utility provider, and protection from lightning strikes.

The receptacles and the switches wear out after years of service. Once again, I must warn that saving money in this process is very dangerous. These devices should be replaced every 12 years. This protects the integrity of the insulation and decreases the chances of fires. The devices that are being used are better than the switches and receptacles produced 20 years ago. As technology progresses we learn more and more about the advantages of safe electrical practices.

When danger is reduced by maintenance and installation of new technology, the owners ability to get affordable insurance is increased. Ultimately peace of mind is priceless.


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